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Monday, September 17, 2012 - 14:03 Posted by: Clint du Plessis

Chad and Dave banging out the tunes!

After almost a year of online campaigning by the #SAtrancefamily it was confirmed in July this year that Tritonal would be touring to South Africa, #tritonian JOY! Joined by Simon Patterson, Chad & Dave (Tritonal) blew crowds away at 'The Side Show' in Cape Town and 'Truth' in Johannesburg on the 31st of August and 1st of September respectively, certainly nights that will not be forgotten by those that attended. We had the opportunity to interview Chad and this is what he had to say:

Q1. It's been a very exciting build up for the #SAtrancefamily over the past month in anticipation of your arrival and we are so excited to finally welcome you - What were your expectations of South Africa as the tour date got closer and now that you're here for the very first time, how does it feel? 
A1. Chad - You know, to be honest we didn't know what to expect. This was our first time to ever even visit the country, so we were open minded. It was truly apparent from the moment we landed that we were in for something special, as our guestmix was airing LIVE on FM radio as we were driving from the airport to the hotel! Literally South Africa had "Tritonal" trending on Twitter and from that point on, the excitement grew into a frenzy.
Chad and Dave
Q2. To look back a little now, since the release of your debut artist album 'Piercing The Quiet' in May last year, it seems as if you've been swept around the globe on a whirlwind of success - Which of the events that you've played at & cities you've travelled to, has stood out for you as most memorable so far and why?  
A2. Chad - Well, EDC Las Vegas has been the gig of the year for us. We played after BT and right before Armin and there were like 300,000 people at the festival. I think around 60,000 at our stage and it was so EPIC! Other highlights have been Creamfields Australia, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Mansion in Miami and Exchange in LA.  
Q3. To get to your music, it's no secret that 'Tritonal' has developed a unique & energetic sound which you've quickly become synonymous with and is, in most part, responsible for your incredible success to date - How did this 'style' of sound originate and what kind of creative process do you guys follow to keep putting together such BIG productions? 
A3. Chad - It originated from the fact that Dave and I come from different "tastes" if you will. He came from the full on, uplifting trance side and I came from the deeper, progressive house sound of Chris Fortier, Sander Kleinenberg, Nick Warren, Satoshi Tomie, Sasha & Digweed, etc. We fused our styles into now what is very electro, progressive techy trance...  It's a sexy, clubby sound but is still heavily melodic.  
Q4. Who were your influences in your musical 'upbringing' and can you recall the first time you were bitten by the EDM music bug? 
A4. Chad - I can, it was by Josh Wink - "Higher State of Consciousness". Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Hybrid and BT were HUGE for me early on!
Q5. We always like to know what music Producers listen to in their spare time, so if we were to have a look at what's on your iPod playlist right now what would we find? 
A5. Chad - M83, Pretty Lights, Coldplay, Eric Prydz
Q6. Now, you're currently signed to one of the most exciting labels in the industry, Will Holland's 'Enhanced Recordings', and we think it's safe to say also one of the most respected considering the entourage of internationally acclaimed names in their stable - How would you describe the relationship with the Enhanced team and what kind of an influence has the label had on you since signing with them? 
A6. Chad - I don't even think of it as a "label" to be honest because Will and I are such great friends. We literally talk daily, sometimes multiple times daily. He has an amazing ear and I trust him so much in terms of his gut instincts. It all comes down to the music and myself, he and Dave are always kicking around track ideas. Will does the things we don't have time for, like work out the promos, contract up tracks we sign, and make the logistics work so that we can stay creative. 
Q7. We're eagerly awaiting the release of 'Piercing The Quiet - Remixed' and based on the YouTube promos over the past month we expect it to be another great success - After this album what's in the production pipeline for Tritonal and where to from here on your Tour itinerary? 
A7. Chad - Tour wise we're doing like a 20 city, North American tour alongside our friends Super8 & Tab! We're working on a new track with them called "Arc" and it's the "ARC TOUR". We also have two collabs with BT, working on a remix for Above & Beyond and a huge collab with Rafael Frost! Lots of stuff! 
Q8. Part of our passion as the SAtrancefamily is to see more South Africans producing music and representing our country on an international stage, what advice would you give those passionate youngsters out there who aspire to achieve the kind of success as Producers & DJ that you have. 
A8. Chad - Work as hard as you can in the studio, take tutorials, take classes, and constantly A-B your early tracks to others. We still do this to get a feel for things; it's a great way to learn! It's all about the 3 P's --- Passion, Practice, Perseverance!
*We would like to thank Alwyn Viljoen for the stunning photographs used in this interview article - You can find Alwyn Viljoen Photography here:

Interview With Emma Hewitt - Cape Town

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - 19:05 Posted by: UrbanAngelM

Emma Hewitt - Burn the Sky DownWhile recently in Cape Town with Cosmic Gate on their 'Wake Your Mind' tour, Marilu Matthee was able to get time with Emma Hewitt for an exclusive SAtrancefamily interview. This vocal talent is arguably the hottest in Trance & EDM right now and if the success of her latest single 'Miss You Paradise' and brand new artist album 'Burn The Sky Down' is anything to go by we think it's safe to say that Emma will be setting the charts on fire for some time to come.
MM – Marilu Matthee | EH – Emma Hewitt
MM: "So, this is your first time in South Africa"
EH: "Yay!, yeah it is, I'm really excited to be here but I wish I could stay a bit longer."
MM: "You've just flown in and now flying out again"
EH: "Yeah, last night got here about three hours before the show and now leaving again, but I just noticed the view this morning outside my window right as I was running out the room and went, Oh my God."
MM: "You'll have to come back"
EH: "Yeah, it's amazing here"
MM: "When did you get into the music industry?"
EH: "I was kind of always in the music industry, I was always in rock bands and stuff when I was about 16/17 and my brother and I played a lot of acoustic music too and then 4 or 5 years ago I had my first Trance song but it was only 3 years ago that I really decided to do this, when I did the Dash Berlin track (Waiting)"
MM: "How has it been touring with Cosmic Gate?"Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape Town
EH: "Amazing, they’re so much fun, they have such a good energy and are always in a good mood and they have such a great time playing. They're one of the rare producers that I've worked with that actually do everything completely live and everything's just 'in' with the vibe of the crowd so I can go on with it, so it's really cool to watch"
MM: "And last night? This is your first tour in South Africa, how was the experience?"
EH: "Awesome, amazing vibe, the crowd was mental it was really really cool, hopefully the rest of the shows will be the same."
MM: "I'm sure it will be"
MM: "What have you liked about South Africa that's really stood out for you while here?"
EH: "Everybody is really lovely, really friendly and driving and seeing mountains and seeing that view outside the hotel room is amazing. It kinda reminds me a little bit of Australia but with better mountains, and a bit more to see I guess. I think the vibe, the way that people are is very similar to where I'm from and makes me feel at home."
MM: "And in Australia, may I ask which rugby team do you support?"
EM: "I don't support rugby because I'm from Melbourne, so we have Aussie rules there, or as Cosmic Gate kind of referred to it the other day, 'egg-carry-ball'"
EH: "They're like, 'You carry an egg?'"
(ha ha ha)
MM: "Wow, obviously you'd love to come back, any plans to come back here?"
EH: "I've been chatting to a few people about the possibility of it last night, so fingers crossed that it happens, I'd really love to come back. Hopefully now I've broken the ice with the first show then i can get back out here again."
MM: "And music-wise, what are you planning for the next five years?"
EH: "Oh, five years, wow!"
(ha ha ha)
MM: "Next week...next year?"
EH: "Well, this year actually I've just finished with the next single which is gonna come out, it's called 'Miss You Paradise' and Shogun's done a remix on that, so that's coming out in like two or three weeks, there's a video out as well. After that, my album (Burn The Sky Down) is gonna be out and then I'd just like to keep collaborating with good producers and, you know, trying some different things and see how it goes. I don't know, i don't really have any long term goals. Do what I'm doing and enjoy it."
Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind
MM: "We are doing some articles on females in the music industry and especially in the trance industry, what words of encouragement or motivation do you have for those up and coming artists in South Africa?"
EH: "Just keep on trying, just keep writing, always keep writing because I think that's the main thing, if you got the songs then you'll get out there. So keep writing and keep wishing to collaborate with other people too. If you don't know anybody yourself or you don't have a profile, then if you collaborate with someone you're open to their contacts."
MM: "Awesome, I really do wish you all the best and you were a rock star last night, I know the people really loved you, especially the men!"
(ha ha ha)
EH: "It's such a good looking crowd, everybody here is so good looking, I don't understand it."
MM: "More reason to come back!"
EH: "Exactly!"
MM: "Thanks a lot Emma."

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape Town

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 09:48 Posted by: UrbanAngelM

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape TownBeing the baby sister in the SAtrancefamily, I got to meet with the lovely people from Cosmic Gate (Nic Chagall and 'Bossi') and Emma Hewitt in Cape Town recently while on their 'Wake Your Mind' tour. The evening of the event was crazily energetic and I arranged to meet up for an interview over coffee the next morning.

ML – Marilu Matthee | AS – Anton Schutte (Organiser & DJ) | CG – Bossi, from Cosmic Gate

ML: “How was last night?”

CG: “We had such a great time. Lots of great people and good champagne,  I drink it with ice so I can party all night”

ML: “Was this your first time in Cape Town? South Africa?”

CG: “No, we have been coming here since 2002. Probably have been here around five, six times already. The last time was in 2010 along with the World Cup. We had a party of similar size (800-900 people), but last night was something else! There has been such a buzz around us coming here to do the tour. Every 5 minutes there is someone tweeting or punting our tour online.”

AS: “In JHB there was not a single flyer printed and ticket sales where all done by social network and word of mouth”

ML: “Incredible”

ML: “For this tour is this your second stop after Sydney?”

CG: “People always ask if we are on tour. No, we have been touring for the last 15 years of our lives. We have a gig on every single weekend. I had one weekend off in January. There is another weekend open in June for vacation and I’m sure that the next open weekend will only be in January 2013 again.”

ML: “Wow, that is amazing to be so busy!”

CG: “Well someone has to feed the fish”

(ha ha ha ha)

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape TownAS: “Music was great last night”

(all agree)

AS: “Must say that I played a pretty good set myself”

CG: “We just got the last end of it, but you were going off. Funky for most of the kids”

ML: “I must say, I found it so interesting that there was such a young crowd there last night who still enjoys this genre of music.”

CG: “We have managed to appeal to the younger crowd. Having said that there are a lot of people still following us from the 1990’ies. We are fortunate to be able to combine the different crowds and still have a good time.”

AS: “Probably half of the crowd at the Cape Town show would have been 5-6 years old when your first tracks were released.”

ML: “That is awesome that a new generation is appreciating the music. Not that there weren’t any older people.”

AS: “The oldest person there was about 65 years old and the first person to arrive. German guy.”

CG: “No, really? Why didn’t he come up to say hello?

AS: “He kept asking me what time you were going to start”

ML: “Ag shame man”

CG: “This is why we do it. You can’t produce music if there is no one to like it . You can only produce music that you feel and hope that others feel it to. To produce new music for the people who love it.”

(he takes a sip of his cappuccino)

CG: “Oh, this cappuccino is good”

ML: “I must say that Cape Town is known for their great cappuccinos, that’s for sure”

CG: “Oh, yes?

AS: “There are many amazing coffee shops around Cape Town that roast their own beans and coffee”

CG: “I love Cape Town, South Africa”

I would like to thank Anton Schutte for the VIP treatment at this amazing event and for being a part of the interview. The event was a massive success and we are looking forward to many more in the future.
Marilu Matthee

Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt and Marilu