Interview With Emma Hewitt - Cape Town

Emma Hewitt - Burn the Sky DownWhile recently in Cape Town with Cosmic Gate on their 'Wake Your Mind' tour, Marilu Matthee was able to get time with Emma Hewitt for an exclusive SAtrancefamily interview. This vocal talent is arguably the hottest in Trance & EDM right now and if the success of her latest single 'Miss You Paradise' and brand new artist album 'Burn The Sky Down' is anything to go by we think it's safe to say that Emma will be setting the charts on fire for some time to come.
MM – Marilu Matthee | EH – Emma Hewitt
MM: "So, this is your first time in South Africa"
EH: "Yay!, yeah it is, I'm really excited to be here but I wish I could stay a bit longer."
MM: "You've just flown in and now flying out again"
EH: "Yeah, last night got here about three hours before the show and now leaving again, but I just noticed the view this morning outside my window right as I was running out the room and went, Oh my God."
MM: "You'll have to come back"
EH: "Yeah, it's amazing here"
MM: "When did you get into the music industry?"
EH: "I was kind of always in the music industry, I was always in rock bands and stuff when I was about 16/17 and my brother and I played a lot of acoustic music too and then 4 or 5 years ago I had my first Trance song but it was only 3 years ago that I really decided to do this, when I did the Dash Berlin track (Waiting)"
MM: "How has it been touring with Cosmic Gate?"Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape Town
EH: "Amazing, they’re so much fun, they have such a good energy and are always in a good mood and they have such a great time playing. They're one of the rare producers that I've worked with that actually do everything completely live and everything's just 'in' with the vibe of the crowd so I can go on with it, so it's really cool to watch"
MM: "And last night? This is your first tour in South Africa, how was the experience?"
EH: "Awesome, amazing vibe, the crowd was mental it was really really cool, hopefully the rest of the shows will be the same."
MM: "I'm sure it will be"
MM: "What have you liked about South Africa that's really stood out for you while here?"
EH: "Everybody is really lovely, really friendly and driving and seeing mountains and seeing that view outside the hotel room is amazing. It kinda reminds me a little bit of Australia but with better mountains, and a bit more to see I guess. I think the vibe, the way that people are is very similar to where I'm from and makes me feel at home."
MM: "And in Australia, may I ask which rugby team do you support?"
EM: "I don't support rugby because I'm from Melbourne, so we have Aussie rules there, or as Cosmic Gate kind of referred to it the other day, 'egg-carry-ball'"
EH: "They're like, 'You carry an egg?'"
(ha ha ha)
MM: "Wow, obviously you'd love to come back, any plans to come back here?"
EH: "I've been chatting to a few people about the possibility of it last night, so fingers crossed that it happens, I'd really love to come back. Hopefully now I've broken the ice with the first show then i can get back out here again."
MM: "And music-wise, what are you planning for the next five years?"
EH: "Oh, five years, wow!"
(ha ha ha)
MM: "Next year?"
EH: "Well, this year actually I've just finished with the next single which is gonna come out, it's called 'Miss You Paradise' and Shogun's done a remix on that, so that's coming out in like two or three weeks, there's a video out as well. After that, my album (Burn The Sky Down) is gonna be out and then I'd just like to keep collaborating with good producers and, you know, trying some different things and see how it goes. I don't know, i don't really have any long term goals. Do what I'm doing and enjoy it."
Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind
MM: "We are doing some articles on females in the music industry and especially in the trance industry, what words of encouragement or motivation do you have for those up and coming artists in South Africa?"
EH: "Just keep on trying, just keep writing, always keep writing because I think that's the main thing, if you got the songs then you'll get out there. So keep writing and keep wishing to collaborate with other people too. If you don't know anybody yourself or you don't have a profile, then if you collaborate with someone you're open to their contacts."
MM: "Awesome, I really do wish you all the best and you were a rock star last night, I know the people really loved you, especially the men!"
(ha ha ha)
EH: "It's such a good looking crowd, everybody here is so good looking, I don't understand it."
MM: "More reason to come back!"
EH: "Exactly!"
MM: "Thanks a lot Emma."