SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.21 - Jerome Isma-Ae

SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.21 - Jerome Isma-AeThis is the 21st edition in the SAtrancefamily 'Special Guest Set' series 
Hailing from Munich, Jerome Isma-Ae is one of the highest-selling, most successful Prog House DJ/producers of the last 3 years - He has been reinventing and designing sounds since the early years of EDM. 
Building, combining, releasing and holding on to a continuously sharp sound, fit for both timelessness and the current demands of the dancefloor society, Jerome really has kept himself busy over the past 15 years and the results are showing. 
With the characteristic Isma-Ae sound on his side, requested and praised by many, he's got the best weapon there is: the ability to stand out. Mind you, it's a weapon he won't hesitate to use. 
Find Jerome here;
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