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SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.3 - Derek The Bandit


Derek The BanditThis is the 3rd edition in the 'SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set' series.

Derek The Bandit (DTB) pioneered the South African dance music scene starting in the early 90's - Over the last 22yrs he's presented the biggest EDM radio show on the flagship National Radio Station (5FM) called 'The World of Dance', released various successful dance compilation albums and headlined some of the biggest dance events in the country.

Derek currently calls the Isle of Man home where he hosts a radio show on 3FM.

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SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.2 - DJ Kidd Kurrupt


DJ Kidd KurruptThis is the 2nd edition in the 'SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set' series.

For this set we bring you an International flavour in the form of 'DJ Kidd Kurrupt' - Quincy Simms Ortiz is from Maryland, United States and was very eager to support the SAtrancefamily when hearing of the #SpecialGuestSet initiative and after hearing his work we just had to have a set.

He recently produced guest sets for the 'Egypt Trance Family' and 'Trance Africa' and also keeps himself busy with his own productions.

Check out DJ Kidd Kurrupt's guest sets on his MixCloud Page: DJ kiddkurrupt and his other productions via his Facebook Page:

You can also follow him on Twitter:

We hope you enjoy this Special Guest Set and we encourage you to leave your comments on our Facebook Page as well as Tweet us with a #SAtrancefamily tag.

"Play it Loud and make us Proud" :o)

Track Listing:

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SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.1 - Unique DJ


Unique DJThis is the 1st edition in the 'SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set' series. 

We very proudly bring you the inaugural release mixed by South African DJ & Producer 'Unique DJ' - Frikkie Mels, as he is known by his friends and family, has produced his own original productions, worked on collaborations with other producers and been entrusted with the responsibility of injecting his style & flavour into a number of remix projects. 

Please show your support and check out Unique DJ on his Facebook: and Twitter:

You can also find us on Facebook: and Twitter:

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