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SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.8 - Sourcee


This is the 8th edition in the SAtrancefamily 'Special Guest Set' series

Sourcee, or Rômulo Medeiros as known to friends and family, is pioneering Trance in Brazil - With a total of 20 productions in 2011 and having signed with 6 respected labels, this 24yr old has made a quick and big impact on international Trance 

After hearing his remix of 'Dirkie Coetzee & Unique DJ ft Litsa - C'est La Vie' and his production 'Tick Tock', also with South African vocalist 'Litsa', we had to get in touch with this up and coming DJ/Producer to find out more about him 

Sourcee has been supported by the likes of Richard Durand, James Grant, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, Markus Schulz, Myon & Shane54 and Andy Moor via their podcasts & radio shows 

Find Sourcee here; 

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SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set No.1 - Unique DJ


Unique DJThis is the 1st edition in the 'SAtrancefamily Special Guest Set' series. 

We very proudly bring you the inaugural release mixed by South African DJ & Producer 'Unique DJ' - Frikkie Mels, as he is known by his friends and family, has produced his own original productions, worked on collaborations with other producers and been entrusted with the responsibility of injecting his style & flavour into a number of remix projects. 

Please show your support and check out Unique DJ on his Website:www.UniqueDJ.co.za Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unique.deejay and Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniqueDj

You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SAtrancefamily and Twitter: 

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